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Helsinki Regional Transport Authority

What was the problem?

HSL’s research unit produces lots of valuable data about their customers, but it wasn’t optimally used – most of it was only presented in yearly reports. HSL wanted the data to be available online so that it can be used to support decisions on every level.

What did we do?

The Louhin based analysis and reporting system allows HSL to have all its key results easily accessible. The project has been very efficient, especially when comparing it to the large ICT platform and solution providers.

The company

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is responsible for planning and organization of public transport services in the Helsinki region.

In 2011 people took more than 335 million bus, train and metro trips organized by HSL.

Our co-operation with Data Rangers is innovative and has produced tangible results. Tasks are solved and the feeling is good. Our new customer satisfaction analysis and reporting system is very good. It's user interface is both practical and good looking.

Antti Vuorela, Group Manager

TNS Gallup Oy

What was the starting point?

TNS Gallup collects lots of information using surveys and mystery shopping. Results need to be analyzed, refined into reports and delivered to clients. The processing and distribution requires plenty of work due to the large number of annual customer reports.

What did we do?

Using the Louhin-based system, data pre-processing and reporting can be accomplished without error-prone manual work. The system also enables automated quality assurance and error correction. Results are reported in PDF, XML and SPSS formats and delivered by email or directly transferred to customer’s server. Additionally, the system provides tools for generating a variety of summary reports.

The company

TNS is the world’s leading survey-based producer of market information – a part of WPP’s Kantar Group.

In Finland, following companies belong to TNS group: TNS Gallup Oy, Suomen Gallup Elintarviketieto Oy, Finnpanel Oy.

Agile service and a customer-oriented, innovative and solution-focused approach for reporting research results.

Leena Koponen, Director, Stakeholder Management


What is Louhin?


Drama-free data collection and use

  • Mobile and modern tools for data collection - the quality of your data makes the difference
  • Keeps the focus on problem solving. The easy use of the tool makes anyone a Data Scientist.
  • Easy and efficient: start creating value from day one

Adaptable and agile

  • No high-investment costs
  • Tailorable to custom-specific needs
  • Endless scaling possibilities
  • Suitable for projects of any length
  • Use it as a backend analytics tool for management reporting systems or as a frontend system for ad hoc business problem solving - or both!


  • Mobile tools allow work from anywhere, anytime
  • The whole team has access to the results
  • All data, models, results and team members are on the same platform - no managing problems


Louhin Licenses

Check out our pricing models for a yearly subscription or a stand-alone server – which one would you prefer?


Louhin Subscription

Accessible via browser in the Louhin Cloud

Light subscription:
120 € (+VAT) / year

  • Viewing analysis results
  • Full collaboration

Basic subscription:
400 € (+VAT) / year

  • Editing the analytics
  • Full data and project management
  • Full collaboration

Louhin Server

Accessible on a stand-alone server

Internal server installation:
20,000 € (+VAT) / year

  • Includes 25 basic user licenses
  • Extranet option included

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